Beautiful Apartment Building With The Most Angled Balconies


When we think of the structure of a balcony, we think of a horizontal square ‘box’ that will not be leaning on any side. Even the thought that you will be stepping on a balcony that its ground is not straight, makes you worried and paranoid that you might fall. Well, this apartment building is igniting this kind of fear only when you look at it from a distance and I would guess when you are inside two or three specific apartments.

1. Ishatvam 9 is, as mentioned above, a residential building designed by Sanjay Puri Architects, a Mumbai-based architectural and interior design firm. 


2. The building consists of 15 stores and each apartment has an angled-shaped balcony no matter on which side of the building it is.


3. The firm has stated that most people are used to having an exterior area in their homes and don’t occupy apartments with small balconies.


4. Each apartment occupies a whole floor, giving the residents the opportuinity of having multiple balconies and lots of exterior space.


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