Beautiful Hollywood Actresses That Haven’t Aged a Bit

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When men get older and their hair turn grey and their faces start to fill with wrinkles, people say that they are still very attractive and super handsome. When a woman lives through the same changes, people call her ‘old’ and ‘wrinkled’. So, if you were wondering why they visit the plastic surgeon more often than they should, this is the reason. If Hollywood isn’t wiling to cast you in leading roles, then aren’t you going to enhance your appearance so that they will hire you?


1. Carmen Electra has always been a very attractive woman.


2. Angelina Jolie has some of the prettiest faces of Hollywood.


3. No matter how old she gets, those eyes that Denise Richards has will never stop being magnetizing.


4. Courtney Cox has publicly spoken about her often visits to the plastic surgeon, but in my opinion she is still very beautiful.


5. Jennifer Lopez in one of the few cases of female celebrities, who see to have not aged a tiny bit from the moment they first appeared in public.


6. Catherine Zeta-Jones is another spectacular woman, who remains breathtaking no matter how old she gets.


7. I don’t know about you, but for me Kate Beckinsale is the prettiest and most stunning actress in Hollywood.

YouTube | WeLoveMovies

8. Jennifer Aniston is another actress, who doesn’t seem to have changed a lot since her role on Friends.


I hate it when double standards exist. For a man (for instance George Clooney) it is understandable and acceptable to play the heartthrob even in his 50s, but once a woman reaches her 40s she is starting to be cast as a grandmother or the mother of the adult lead actress.


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