Being Wrong Is What These People Know How to Do Well

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We all get to have moments where we misurderstand certain things and think we can do them another, but wrong way. If someone ever brings you a plant that is put on anything apart from soil, you better check whether the plant is real or not. You don’t want to keep watering the plant for months and realizing that they reason it wasn’t growing was because it was fake. These kind of misurderstandings prove that we don’t ask questions enough and don’t want other people to over-explain things to us, since we think that we are better on our own. But, are we?


1. You want your clothes to smell nice? Buy some nice detergent and wardrobe aromatic soaps.


Just ew.

2. I get so mad when moms don’t put their glasses on and they end up not seeing what they’re doing.

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That’s actually hilarious.


3. I would expect that from a student who spills salsa on a school test.


To be honest, I would have thought the same…

4. It would be very cool to have plastic bottles that heat or freeze water automatically, but unfortunatelly we don’t. 

Twitter | _jmdy

Oh well, maybe in the future…


5. Is this a real spider or a hair clip opened in the middle?

Twitter | unclehxlmes

Why do bad things happen to good people?

6. How cool would it be if that was a dog and not an old lady’s head?

Twitter | spoopy_mia

Very cool.


7. Have a nice day explaining to the judge and your superior how you wanted to arrest a dead guy.

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That’s the best response ever!

8. It’s always good to know that you have people next to you even if we’re talking about your Uber driver.

Twitter | decentbirthday

Sending the wrong message to the wrong person is one of the most humiliating things that you can do. You simply want the earth to open and take you with it.


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