Blackwork Tattoos That Transform the Body Into a Live Canvas


If there is a tattoo style that not many people will easily decide to have, this is the blackwork style. The designs here are bold and heavily painted with black ink leaving only a few blank spots. People who get this type of tattoo usually see their bodies as a piece of canvas and want to fill it with as many designs as possible and make it a lot more interesting that a blank piece of paper. Here are some of the most giant and eye-catching black work designs that you might see out on the streets.



Instagram | equilattera

Snake back.


Instagram | equilattera

Intricate black & white designs.



Instagram | jessimanchester

One of the best sleeves people have chosen to get.


Instagram | nissaco

Entire upper body tattoo.




Deferred continuity.


Instagram | oddtattooer

Tangled cuts.



Instagram | i_am_mora

Black forrst.


Instagram | inspiredtattooportraits

Wouldn’t that be perfect as a pair of leggings?



Instagram |


Pinterest | pin

Black floral.


Instagram | mxmttt

Leg tattoo continuity.



Would you ever get such a bold tattoo or you prefer smaller and less noticeable designs? You can let us know in the comment section.

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