Blind Woman Sees Her Dog for the First Time After 8 Years of Companion


People who are born blind, learn how to function from the first day of their lives. However, those who become blind later in life, find it a lot more difficult to get used to this new life that opens for them and they usually need a lot of time to adjust. Apart from a walking stick, what helps them in their everyday lives is a guide dog, who prevents them from tripping and stops when they need to stop. Mary Sedgwick and her guide dog are an example of the second instance and although Mary is blind, being able to see her for the first time with the help of technology will be one of the most heartbreaking things you will see in your life.

Mary Sedgwick, now 48-years-old, lost her eyesight in 1997

Mary was a medical student in her fourth year when she was diagnosed with bilateral optic neuritis back in 1997.


Her condition caused her visual imparement and blindness

Since that moment Mary had been slowly losing her vision and she even had to forget about her dream of becoming a doctor.


She became legally blind in 2003

The next 6 years were a lot like torture for Mary, since her life had been altered completely and she couldn’t even practise medicine, which was her life dream.


When Lucy, her golden retriever, came into her life, she started getting back up on her feet

Life started getting better and more pleasant for Mary when she met Lucy. She gained her missing confidence and became active again.


She had already been with Lucy for 8 years before she managed to see her

This April, Mary decided to try on a pair of eSight electronic glasses at a State Convention, where she finally saw Lucy’s face. She couldn’t hide her tears of joy and love for this beautiful creature. She says that there are no words to describe how she felt when she saw the face of her beloved dog. Since that moment, her confidence about the future has skyrocketed.


She’s started a campaign trying to raise the $30,000 she needs in order to purchase a pair of these glasses, which come with a variety of add-ons.

If she reaches her goal, she will start helping others that face the same problem that she has


If you want to help Mary achieve her goal and be able to see again, you can contribute to her fundraising campaign, which has already received $13,000.

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