Bra Troubles That Only Women Can Fully Understand


This isn’t the first time you’ve heard someone saying that women are the unluckiest and most tortured beings on the planet. Our bras are oone of the countless reasons why. From the moment that a girl’s breasts are growing to the point that she needs to put on a bra, the torture begins and it will only stop the day she dies. She might never find the utmost perfect bra to fit her breasts and she will never feel comfortable and free on that area ever again. So, not only will she never be trapped, but also never be 100% happy with the image of her lady friends.


Finally breathing!

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Bras were never meant to make women feel better, but only to restraint what they should be proud to show around.

Dressing room nightmares


If you were wondering why women are spending so much time in the dressing room, this may be one of the many reasons.


The bra attack


If the moment that this happens comes, then you should kiss your bra goodbye.

The reality of wearing a strapless bra

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You expect it to look magnificent, but when you’re wearing it you do not spend one single moment of peace.


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