Breathtaking Sculptures Made Of Snow And Ice That Are Worth Braving The Cold To See


While a snowstorm might be beautiful when you’re watching it through a window in a heated home, they become a whole lot less enjoyable when it’s time to go outside and actually shovel away the mess. There’s no way to avoid it: winters are rough.

On the flip side, winter is the only time of the year that artists can create massive sculptures out of snow and ice. Hand-crafted and plucked from the pages of a storybook, these snow and ice sculptures make winter feel magical again…

1. Forget about catching the next train to Hogwarts. The train you don’t want to miss is the Ice Express. Made entirely out of ice blocks, all you’ll need is a one-way ticket to Ice Town to get the full experience.

Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

2. Formed by the hands of just three people, this majestic lady stands over 30-feet tall. It’s unbelievable that her wingspan held up under the weight of all that packed snow!

The Design Inspiration

3. Slide into this “glass” carriage and enjoy a night like Cinderella and Prince Charming. Don’t forget to be back by the stroke midnight though; otherwise, the carriage will turn into a puddle of water.

Ineke Heesterbeek

4. Snow sculpting of this magnitude takes some serious people-power to construct. Standing well over 70-feet tall, this centerpiece at the Snow Sculpture Art Expo in Harbin, China, took almost two dozen people to build.

Travel China

5. It’s hard not to want an Instagram-worthy photo in front of this fortified Taj Mahal-inspired snow wall. For this admirer, it might be his first attempt or his 50th; either way, the snapshot is totally worth it.

Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

6. Ever wonder how a 5-foot-10 person manages to build a snow sculpture over five times their height? Layers. At this point in time, the artistic blueprint exists only in his mind, but it’s coming to life slowly but surely.

Harbin Ice

7. You wouldn’t mind getting lost in this colorful ice maze if it meant having the opportunity to enjoy the sights a little bit longer. We won’t tell anyone if you purposefully get yourself turned around.

Kim Kyung-Hoon / Reuters

8. This sculpture takes having a “cold one” to the next level. You can kickback and relax with a Harbin brewed beer — perfected over the last 119 years — or admire this icy ale from afar.

Harbin Ice

9. You’re circling the block for about 30 minutes now. Is that a spot up ahead? Nope! It’s being occupied by an… ice car. You could wait for it to melt, but that’s just going to make you even later than you already are.


10. A game of chess between two European power cities, London and Moscow, should only be played on a unique board. Victory is even sweeter when you checkmate your opponent’s king, then ask if they want some ice for that burn.

The Chess Sets

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