Build the Outdoor Shower of Your Dreams and Live Like a Queen


Why have outdoor showers been linked with rich people and lavish homes? Yes, they are an addition that is far from necessities, but that doesn’t mean that anyone who has a little money to spend can’t build one and feel like an upper class citizen. Actually, an outdoor shower is less expensive than an interior shower. All you have to add is the plumbing system and the rest is nothing to worry about. Scroll down and see all the different design ideas that you can base your own outdoor shower on.

1. The wall is your protective curtain


It just looks so exotic!

2. Simple and refreshing


This one will make you feel like you are in a Greek island.

3. A small ‘house’ in the woods


This one may seem like a part of a horror film, but once you live the experience of showering in it, you won’t be able to forget it.

4. Carve a niche in the wall


This is probably my favorite!

5. A colorful and very artful wall


And what do you think of this one?

6. Bring your bath on the outdoors


Most people just want to take a quick shower at their outdoor shower, but you go a step further and build a full equipped bath.

7. Your own tropical villa


Who said that you have to pay thousands to enjoy a shower in a majestic environment? This specific instalment will transfer you to your own tropical island!

8. A bamboo prive shower

Pinterest | Chelsea Bland

How awesome is that?

9. A small stone labyrinth

Pinterest | Brandon Raich

Be careful not to get lost in there!

10. A private shower outside the interior shower

Pinterest | Jill Brenner

It’s good to know that you have options based on your mood and this arrangement is going to keep you fully satisfied.

11. Create the shower so that it blends with the house’s architecture

Pinterest | The Boho Chick

This one is so cute!

12. Just a small wall in between

Pinterest | Itakma Luna

An outdoor shower can be extremely easy to set up and it’s in your hands to make it fancy or keep it simple. Gather prices and make your decision based on your budget.


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