Cakes That Prove Baking to Be More Than a Simple Job, But Real Art


Everyone loves cakes and especially birthday cakes. And since everyone loves them so much, bakers have to find a way and up their game and make their designs even more impressive and amazing than before. And the thing is that people will spend a lot of money on birthday cakes since they only get one once a year and they need it to be special. So, moving the cost upwards doesn’t seem to be a problem for bakers, who will make their best efforts to create a unique cake for each customer.




Couldn’t you have confused for a real one?



How can you cut something like this?




I guess the balloons are made of marshmallows.


Facebook | cakestyletv

That’s a cake that many of you must be dreaming about.



Instagram | zoesfancycakes

A classy car for your classy friend.


Instagram | dinarakasko

Don’t go ask that from your neighboring bakery.



Instagram | renat_agzamov

A quite different approach for a wedding cake.


Instagram | otherpies_hb

If you can find a baker that can copy famous paintings on a cake using his hands then you have found gold.



Instagram | sideserfcakes

If you can’t eat the real one, you can eat its cake equivalent.


Instagram | sideserfcakes

Pour your heart out.


Instagram | renat_agzamov

Yes, everything on this creation is made of cake.


Twitter | AlyonaFonya

These cakes you saw and keep seeing on social media can’t be made by every baker in the world. If you don’t know someone in your city that makes these types of thing, no matter how much you ask you won’t find someone who will be able to make them.

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