Casa Cook Hotel In Kos, Is Where Retro Meets Contemporary


If you’ve ever been to at least one Greek island you have a pretty good idea of the architecture that everyone is obliged to follow when building a new house. Roofless houses, with clean-cut lines and mainly white color is the rule in most islands. In Kos, things are not any different. This is why Thomas Cook and his associates decided to create their second hotel on the island and respect 100% the general rules in the architecture.

Thomas Cook with the help of Remo Masala, his creative director, Lambs and LionsAnnabell Kutucu and ARC designed and furnished the new Casa Cook Hotel.


The hotel offers a pool and a bar to order your martini from and if you get bored of the pool you can walk a few steps and get to the beach.


The rooms of the hotel are enclaves grouped around courtyards and gardens, giving you a sense of discretion and quiet.


In some living areas you can find traditional handmade Greek producs in open shelves that you can buy.


The two cubic buildings are contemporary and minimalist, inspired by a very old Greek architectural style.


The hotel also features a library with large shelves and a main courtyard apart from each rooms private one. 


Couples and families can enjoy their vacation in the hotel and not fear that someone or something will inflict on their privacy.


It is your choice whether you want to engage with other people and arrange a barbeque session with them.


Parea in Greek means a small or slightly big group of friends gathering somewhere together and sharing their food, drinks, conversations and generally having a good time all together. This is the idea behind this hotel, that invites people to communicate with their neighbors and not stay limited to their own privacy.

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