Celebrities Who Died of AIDS Regardless of Their Sexuality


One of the misunderstood diseases that have ever appeared in humanity is AIDS. Back in the 70s, AIDS was believed to be ‘the cancer of gay people’, but the reality is far more different than this. Many racist people aslo believed that AIDS was God’s punishment for gay men. What many ignore is that people that weren’t homosexual died of AIDS and women were also among them. While watching The Golden Girls (1985-1992), I was surprised to see that one of the female protagonists got a call from the hospital, where she has a blood tranfusion, saying that she might have been infected with AIDS. This was an eye-opening episode for me, since it proved that AIDS could be attracted not just throught the sexual act between two men, but also due to blood tranfusions.


1. Freddie Mercury


Freddie Mercury died of AIDS in 1987. He was known to be gay and his partner, who was also diagnosed with the disease, was next to him until his last breath.

2. Anthony Perkins


Perkins was rumored to have had many flings with other male celebrities, although he never discussed his sexuality publicly. He died of AIDS in 1992.


3. Isaac Asimov


In 1983, Asimov had a blood tranfusion due to bypass surgery. A little while later he was diagnosed with AIDS and it was found that the donor’s blood was infected with the disease. His wife revealed the truth in 2002, 10 years after his death.

4. Arthur Ashe


Ashe was a successful tennis player, who had heart problems for his entire life. After one of his surgeries, where he had a blood tranfusion, he was diagnosed with AIDS. In 1993 he died of pneumonia and other AIDS-related complications.


5. Rock Hudson


Rock Hudson tried very hard to keep his sexuality under wraps, but there was too much chatter going around. After being diagnosed with AIDS in 1984, he died a year after due to complications.

6. Liberace


Liberace always tried to pass as a ladies man, but his sexuality was discussed vividly by his close friends. He tried to hide the fact that he suffered from AIDS and even manipulate his autopsy report, but the truth came out. He died in 1987.


7. Gia Carangi


Gia was a tremendously talented model, who became addicted to heroin very early in her career. She attracted AIDS from a dirty needle and she died in 1986, becoming one of the first famous women to die of the disease.

8. Michel Foucault


Foucault was a famous philosopher, who was openly homosexual. He died in 1984 from AIDS complications, becoming the first public figure of France to die from the disease.

AIDS was never a problem just for the gay community. It was a problem that humans created and it was just easier for homosexual men to attract. Back then, political figures chose to let people die because they thought they deserved it, proving that politicians never really cared about people.


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