Celebrity Couples That Have Matching Tattoos



Matching tattoos is an issue that will either be a happy event or a disastrous choice. Many couples opt to get inked as a reminder of their love and it’s their way to show off their affection for each other. The point is that in many cases they break up and they need to remove this last part that reminds them of their ex partner. This procedure is not pleasant at all and it is much more painful than actually getting a tattoo. The couples in this list are not all broken up, but some of them are and I can’t help, but wonder what they did with their matching tattoos.

1. David & Victoria Beckham


2. Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth

YouTube | CleverTV

3. Beyonce & Jay-Z

Pinterest | Laura Hernandez

4. Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

YouTube | Hollywood Buzz

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