Celebrity Scandals That Most People Didn’t Quite Understand


The Hollywood media may be the most relentless and hungry beast that you could find. They have completely erased the human factor and they only follow money paths. This means that no matter how serious a situation regarding a celebrity is, they will not hesitate and present it like it is a laughing matter, which can deteriorate the condition of the one who suffers. Manipulation is their ammunition and as many lies they tell the public the more courage they get once we believe them. Many of the public scandals that have happened in the past two decades have been misrepresented, with the public creating a wrong understanding about them.


1. Britney Spears

Her meltdown was a result of uncontrollable pressure from the media and her label, which stripped her of her ability to decide for herself and speak with her own voice.


2. Monica Lewinski was another victim of sexism. 

She was the one to be crucified, so that Bill Clinton could slip from the back door and walk the road with no shame.


3. Winona Ryder

Her shoplifting was not a matter of jokes, but a serious result of certain medication that made the actress act abnormally.


4. Sinead o’Connor 

She has been a laughing matter for years now, with people ignoring her mental health problems and focusing on her ‘bizarre’ behavior.


5. Amanda Bynes 

She also became a laughingstock with people ignoring her mental state and the media continuing to worsen the situation.


6. Amy Winehouse’s drug addiction was a huge joke that everyone liked to hear about. 

Even now, many people remember Amy mostly for her drug problems instead of her unimaginable talent.


7. Janet Jackson was banned from performing at the Super Bowl again, but Justin Timberlake was given the show again in 2018. 


8. When whistleblower Chelsea Manning announced her transition from male to female she became a punchbag for politicians, showing that their acceptance was zero.


Chelsea was imprisoned for espionage after giving away to WikiLeaks more than 750,000 classified documents. This was already enough for people to hate her, but when she announced that she identifies as female and will proceed to hormone therapy, she gave the the conservative people of America another reason to talk about her.


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