Character Traits That Can Kill a Relationship Fast


There are various reasons that people break up for, but there are numerous character traits that can turn a relationship into a toxic environment to be in. Breaking up in these cases is the happy ending that benefits the most afflicted by the toxicity partner, but how many tortures do they have to go through until the breakup comes? The answer can vary and in most cases has to do with the patience of a person and how much they can put up with. But, there is one thing for sure. The couple will break up sooner or later and it won’t be an easy breakup.

1. Making decisions for both


When you lose your power to decide for yourself, then it won’t be long until you lose yourself inside the relationship and become a toy of your partner.

2. Being controlling


When a person’s needs surpass yours and become your guide on everything you do as a couple, then you simply have no reason to keep being in the relationship.

3. Making excuses and justifications


When you respect your partner, you will meet their needs even if that means you trying a bit harder. If you lose sync, you start ignoring their needs which leads you to justifying and making excuses all the time.

4. Financial dependency


At first, both parts like to pay for both, but long in the run financial dependency may turn into a boomerang, since you will need your partner’s money for everything you buy.

5. Being overly criticising


Criticism is part of our lives, but no one wants to be in a relationship with their mother or father. Criticism should come from a safe place and always in a soft manner.

6. Holding grudges


If you feel like you need to make a complaint, make it now. Do not hold it inside of you. This behavior only worsens your perception of the relatioship and the relationship itself.

7. Checking your partner behing their back


Trust is the most fundamental thing that builds a relationship and keeps it together. If that is lost, then you have nothing to keep you together.

8. Lack of patience


Being patient means to wait for your partner’s goals to come to life and your joint dreams to come true. Nothing can be built over a day.

Maintaining a healthy relationship may be one of the hardest things that us humans have to do. Shelfishness and lack of trust are the two main character traits that usually break up couples and the hardest things that a person can get rid of.


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