Check Out How To Glow Up With This 5 Minute Makeup Tutorial!

YouTube | Tina Yong


Doing your makeup can take from some minutes to ages- it depends on your mood and what kind of makeup look are you trying to achieve. If you belong to these people who takes really long time to do their makeup and end up running late then this tutorial is your Bible! It will show you how to do a glow up make look in just five minutes and you are going to love it! 

1. The very first step is to apply moisturizer.

Moisturizer is very important because we don’t want any dry patches on own skin, especially on our glowy makeup.

YouTube |  Tina Yong

2. Apply your foundation, after having applied a primer.

YouTube | Tina Yong

3. When it comes to highlighting your skin, you can take a face shaped palette and with the help of a beauty blender apply it on your face. 

YouTube | Tina Yong

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This makeup tutorial is honestly so easy and looks great.

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