Child Actors Who Died Young and Will Be Remembered Forever


Many people who don’t work in Hollywood think that being famous and making a lot of money is always the ideal thing to happen in your life. This isn’t the always the case when you are an adult and especially when you are a child. Children who are exposed to the lights early in their age need a lot of guidance and protection and often the lack of those two things is what drove them to show business in the first place. Many of these kids have altercations with the law, end up being addicts and get sexually harassed if not raped by big Hollywood guys. However, some of them were just unlucky in their health and died earlier than people was ready to see them go.

1. Heather O’Rourke

The 12-year-old actress from Poltergeist died due to complications while she was having a surgery to remove an acute bowel obstruction.

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2. River Phoenix

River speedballed cocaine and morphine in front of The Viper Room in LA, while Johnny Depp and Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers were performing inside. When people started talking about his collapse outside the bar, the show stopped, but the young actor couldn’t be revived.


3. Gary Coleman

In 2010, Coleman suffered from a brain bleeding and ended up at the hospital where he fell into a coma. He died right after being removed from life support at the age of 42.


4. Judith Barsi

The 10-year-old actress who participated in Jaws, was shot alongside her mother by her father before being set on fire. The father also shot himself right after setting them on fire.


5. Dana Plato

At the age of 35, Dana Plato took a lethal dose of Lortab and Valium and later on took a nap, from which she never woke up. Her death was ruled as a suicide.


6. Brad Renfro

Brad was only 24 when he accidentally overdosed on heroin and died. He had been having issues with drugs since the age of 16 when he had his first arrest from possession of cocaine and marijuana.


7. Corey Haim

Haim turned to drugs when his career started slowing down. In the 32 days before his death, he procured 553 prescription pills from various physicians and died at the age of 38 from pneumonia.


8. Josh Ryan Evans

Josh was suffering from achondroplasia and died of congenital heart defect in 2002 at the age of 20.


Child actors and actresses should be protected more efficiently by studios and production companies. Not only they are deprived of a normal childhood, but they also face the problems of the industry way earlier than they would be able to shield them out of their lives.

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