Chocolate Heart Filled With 2 Pounds of Nutella Is Crushing Instagram

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How much Nutella can a person eat? Some people (including my sister) can sit on the couch holding a 1-pound nutella jar and eat it all at once with a spoon. I don’t know how they do it, but they do. Sweet Corner is a bakeshop in NYC and the owners have probably understood how addicted thousands of people are to nutella. They have created a unique dessert, where they fill a heart with 2 pounds of pure nutella. After refrigerating it they spray the all-nutella shell with edible gold and that’s what is offered to customers.The heart costs $45 and no surprise here it was sod out for Valentine’s Day.

Sweet Corner Bakeshop, NYC

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If you haven’t heard of that place, you definitely should.

Mini hearts are also prepared with a cost of $30 per piece

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That might sound like much, but wait for it.

The mini nutellas are also filled with coconut and white chocolate

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So yummy! They are pretty big too!

The shop has a variety of baked goods, including brigadeiros and countless cookies

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But who needs all of that when you have this, amiright?

Does this kid seem a bit unimpressed?

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Or maybe too high from all the chocolatey goodness. You decide!

This man fills a chocolate shell with the 2 pounds of nutella

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Is it weird that I’m a bit aroused right now?

After refrigerating it, he cuts the edges and it is almost ready

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Oh yes!

The last part is to spray the heart with edible gold

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This nutella looks unbelievable and it probably deserves its money, but speaking for myself and only, I don’t think that I would eat more than a spoonful. It seems like I would have to rush at the kitchen immediately and drink all the water in the fridge.

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