Clio Newton Creates Unbelievably Big Charcoal Portraits Celebrating Femininity


I always admired people who used charcoal as their main painting material. I just think that it is one of the hardest materials to work with, but it is nice to see that artists don’t try to find what’s the easiest method to paint, but what is the one that suits them and their vision best. Clio Newton is a highly educated artist, that has won plenty of awards about her artworks and I think it is time that we would all meet her.

1. Clio has degrees from Art Schools in Zurich, Florence and New York and has won awards in all three cities about her work.


2. She has done six exhibitions mainly in the United States and one in Florence during the time she was studying.


3. Her latest project includes huge charcoal paintings of women and their features, measuring up to 8 feet.


4. As of September 14 of this year, her charcoal paintings are on view in a show at Benjamin Eck Galerie in Munich.


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