Clio Newton Creates Unbelievably Big Charcoal Portraits Celebrating Femininity

5. Clio sat down with Quiet Lunch and shared her opinion on how the media is helping artists interact with each other and the world.


6. She is currently living in Zurich and is happy that this is her base and she feels lucky to have been fortunate enough to live in New York and Florence.


7. Clio gets her inspiration from women she sees out on the street and she is not afraid to go meet them and talk with them about their experiences.


8. Based on the current political situation around the world, Clio wants to make art that will be compassionate towards people and especially women.


The point of being an artist is creating something that will send a message to people. It doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone will receive the exact same message. Each person will receive something different based on their education, perception and feelings. The important thing is for art to be meaningful, especially nowadays that things couldn’t be worse in every aspect of our lives.

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