Colombia is Watching its Tourism Numbers Going Up


Colombia is a place that has been marked by drug cartels and violence due to their action in the country. Its history on drug lords and the cartels is unlimited and it still has problems regarding the violence caused by the people who are related to drug cartels. Although, the past few months have marked a new era for the country, since it has started to climb the tourism ladder and it is believed that the peace deal that was signed with the narco-terrorist organization, FARC, will make the country rise from its ashes.

The 52-year civil war in Colombia left approximately 260,000 people dead and 6 million displaced.


Colombia is not trying to distance itself from its negative past, but own up to it and create a safe destination for tourists.


In the past year, Colombia received more than 2.5 million tourists and the future will only be brighter.


Most tourists don’t leave Bogota, but lately more people are choosing Cartagena as their Caribbean spot.


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