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Common Mascara Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Mascara is something beauty lovers never miss wearing when getting their face on. Seriously, even if you don’t really want to put on any make up, just wear some mascara. That way, your eyelashes will look bigger, darker and very captivating, thus giving more emphases to your eyes. Of course, there are some common mistakes we all do when we put on mascara. So, let’s dive right in and see the biggest don’ts of mascara application and what to do instead!

1. You rely on just one mascara

When you are striving for a dramatic look and desire volume, length and a substantial curl for your lashes, you can’t expect to fullfill all your demands using just one product. Use at least one mascara for length and another for volume and don’t forget to put your eyelash curler into good use!

2. You don’t heat your eyelash curler

That way you will really create a lasting curl on your lashes. It will kinda work like a hair curler! Also, remember to always curl your lashes before you apply any other products.

3. You only apply your mascara with horizontical movements

Only by using your want vertically will you be able to reach the roots of your lashes and achieve a more even, yet intense result. So go wiggle!

4. You leave excess product on your mascara wand

Do I really need to say more? All this excess product can and will make your lashes look clumpy and that’s a no-no! Gently wipe the extra product off, using a tissue.

5. You don’t know how to coat your lashes

You should wait for 30- 60 second before applying your next layer. That way the lashes are still tacky, so the product can stick well, but they are not wet; that way you will avoid clumping. You need to be especially wary of that, if you use an eyelash primer, so that your lashes won’t turn grey.

6. You curl your lashes with 0o angle

Trying to position your curler upright by the base of your lashline and tilt it a bit upwards.

7. You don’t separate lashes between coats

Wait until your lashes are dry and then use a spoolie to separate your lashes. If you don’t have a spoolie, you can use an earbud instead.

8. You clean the smudges when mascara is still wet

Just do yourself a favor and wait for the mascara to dry first, in order to avoid smudging. If you are impatient like me and some smudging occurs, just cover it up with a bit of concealer.

9. You don’t throw your mascara away

I bet you’ve heard that before, but I’ll say it once more: Your mascara tube should be replaced every three to six months. Not only keeping it longer will make it more dry and clumpy but it will also put your eyes at risk of infection. Below you can see the shelf life of the most common makeup products:

10. You don’t put mascara on your inner corner lashes

That’s a pretty common mistake, that even non- beginners are sometimes guilty of! Use your wand vertically in order to get to these stubborn lashes.

Do’s and don’ts of mascara:

Now, be honest! Have you ever committed any of the above mascara crimes in the past? I know I have! But let me tell you, once you follow the correct steps, you will realize that having the most impressive eyelashes was achievable, and actually kinda easy, all along!