Common Mistakes Most People Make with Their Plane Food


Many low-cost airlines don’t offer a free meal with your ticket and that’s maybe for good. This knowledge makes people eat well before their flight and take some snacks with them, so that they won’t have to spend a fortune buying something on the plane. However, when you travel far far away and/or in first class, a free meal comes with your ticket and anyone would be silly to say ‘no’ to that. But, what are the most common mistakes that people make with their on-plane-food? Are they actually safe to consume and why should you be extra careful with what you drink?


1. You add extra salt in your food


Flavor, either its salty or sweet, gets lost while on the air. That’s why most people add more salt to increase the taste of their food. That’s simply wrong for your health and instead you can ask for a slice of lemon.

2. You order coffee or tea


Bad news for coffee lovers. As it happens in many coffee places, the coffee machine on airplanes gets rarely cleaned and only the coffee filter is being washed regularly. Also, the water tank don’t get that much attention, with the water ending up smelling a bit unpleasantly.


3. You don’t drink enough water


When entering a plane, you should always have your own bottled water with you, simply because during a flight you lose a lot of your body water due to the dry, air-conditioned air of the plane. If you don’t replace the lost water, you might feel light-headed and a slight fatigue.

4. You drink alcoholic beverages


There are two reasons why alcohol is a bad idea while on the air. First, it will consume even more water from your body and secondly, your sense of taste will perceive it a lot differently than on the ground. It will feel more watery and acidic.


5. You opt for the meat choice


Meat and fish dry fast due to the airplane conditions, while vegetables dishes stay fresh for longer. Also, passengers with dietary restrictions (vegetarians, vegans, intolerant) get served first, which means that their food is fresher.

6. You eat at the schedule of the airline


Most people are afraid that if they don’t eat when food is served they will lose their meal. This is wrong, since passengers can order their food anytime they want. If you feel that your stomach is full, do not eat when food is served and ask for your meal when you feel like eating.


7. You take on-plane food outside the plane


A woman that once tried to take an apple outside a Delta flight was fined with $500, which means that you should not risk taking food outside the plane. When the food is not packaged, do not risk taking your food out. There’s plenty of better food outside waiting for you.

8. Your seat is at the back of the plane


The only way of avoiding this is by paying extra for a seat at the front of the plane. This unfortunate event means that when the food tray reaches you, you will only have very few if not just one food choice.

Eating on airplanes may sometimes be nice, but it also can be very unpleasant. Traveling in first class doesn’t always guarantee you a better quality, but it most probably offers you a bigger and greater variety of food.


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