Companies That Satisfied Their Customers Beyond Any Expectation


We could be talking about bad companies and bad bosses all day long. Everyone has a story about a poor customer service of some famous or merely famous company, but how many of us have a truly great story about exquisite service? I remember one time when I ordered a specific brand of espresso coffee pods and didn’t find them as advertised, I left a very polite complaint on the company’s instagram account and they immediately answered me wanting to send me a sample of their ground coffee. This proves that it’s not only about having the perfect service before ordering, but also being able to manage bad reviews and complaints.


1. Virgin Trains are serious about toilet paper


True heroes don’t wear capes.

2. Bringing free pizza


An airplane heading to Denver had to make an emergency landing in Wyoming due to bad weather for about 2 hours. The pilot thought that it would be a good idea to give free pizzas to the passengers who had been waiting the entire time on the plane.


3. Retired game


When a game is withdrawn from the market it is very hard to find it anywhere. A guy, whose girlfriend was addicted to it, wrote to the company of the game and kindly asked them if they could send him the game. 10 days later he had it on his hands.

4. Domino’s saves lives


When a Domino’s regular hadn’t ordered for weeks, the employees called his home and found him in a medical emergency sending the paramedics instantly.


5. Giving gifts to all passengers


West Jet Airlines, back in December 2013, were asked just before they departed about their New Year Wishes. When they arrived at their destination they found everything that they asked for waiting for them!

6. Giraffe bread vs tiger bread


That’s hilarious.


7. Stake delivery at the airport

Twitter | petershankman

This guy jokingly asked a steakhouse on Twitter if they would bring him a steak before departing and the restaurant took his request very seriously.

8. Zappos, you are the best!


This man had only made one order throughout the year and found an unexpected gift of 100$ worth earphones as a ‘thank you’ from Zappos.

Unfortunately, not all companies are like that. Many of them are trying to squeeze as much money as possible out of you no matter what they offer. Thank God that there are some good professionals still left.


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