Confusing Photos That Will Need an Explanation Immediately


Think of a normal day in the subway or a simple walk during the day. How many weird and confusing incidents have appeared right in front of your eyes? I can think of a few that were not such big surprises. I mean, what’s weird about someone taking his pants down and peeing next to you on the street? That’s normal stuff that happens all around the world. What I’m talking about is real psycho incidents, like a priest walking next to a guy dressed like Superman. I mean, who does that?




Now, before you go asking questions, this may be the costume of the doggie during Halloween.


Twitter | tomgalle

I find nothing weird about this image. Inspiration is not something that comes easily, so you do whatever you have to in order to invite it in.




I am a bit confused. Are the advertised products the brooms or the sunglasses? Or there is a store so cool that sells both?



Ready for the exams? He probably follows the saying that if you need to hide something, you need to hide it in plain sight.


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