Conjoined Twins Did the Impossible and Lived to Be 11 Years Old



Conjoined twins are two identical babies, who are joined together while inside the uterus. It is a rare phenomenon, with only a few cases worldwide. A huge percentage of them die while in the mother’s belly about 20-28 during the pregnancy and 1/3 of them die 24 hours after their birth. There have been cases where conjoined twins lived for many years after they were born and in very few cases doctors managed to part their bodies, but in most cases doctors say that it is too dangerous to try and part the two bodies. Another interesting fact is that most conjoined twins are female, with scientists saying that females find it easier to survive in that state.

Tatiana and Krista Hogan are a rare case of conjoined twins, who managed to make it out of infancy and recently turned 11 years old.


The girls have now learned to swim and despite suffering from Type 1 diabetes and epilepsy, they attend school for a few hours everyday. 


Their mother feels lucky and blessed to have seen her two children growing up and experiencing life.


A documentary titled ”Inseparable: Ten Years Joined At The Head” was created in order to show the life of the two girls.


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