Cordero Atelier Designed a Multidisciplinary and Harmonous Working Place


What is your idea of a perfect working space? I would say a space where harmony and a clearing aura are present and stress is just absent. Also, a place with a great design and light colors is absolutely necessary so that people stay focused and don’t get distraced while doing their work. Cordero Atelier envisioned exactly those ideas, which they put in action and created this harmonous working space in Madrid.

Espacio Nueva Carolina is Madrid was designed by Sara Uriarte of Cordero Atelier.


This multidisciplinary hub us a place that allows interacting while working, socialising and various events.


The Nueva features a kitchen, meeting rooms and a photography studio, all heavily inspired by mid-century luxury Beverly Hills hotel.


The pink velvet sofas, the sculptures of brass Ando and the use of the fantasy Art Deco style create a unique combination in an industrial environment.


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