Cordero Atelier Designed a Multidisciplinary and Harmonous Working Place

The space is characterized by a colorful atmosphere filled with light and being surrounded by plants around the more neutral central nave. 


The designer, Sara Uriarte, has combined classic elements with the contemporary style, creating a space perfect for working and living.


The place has such a clearing and relaxed aura and offers people a unique experience working there every single day.


Cordero Atelier is known for the simplicity and elegance of their designs and you can see that by visiting their website.


Working is not always a great experience. Many people are driving to work every day without any pleasure whatsoever. It’s just a mechanical thing that they have to do, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Work does not have to be something we need to do just to make money. When we spend so much time doing something, at least we have to get some pleasure out of it.

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