Crazy Muscular Cat Goes Viral and the Memes About It Are Hilarious

Twitter | officialbuffcat

If you’ve never seen a buff cat, then it is time you saw your first one. Buff cat made its appearance on Twitter when a feline lover from Montreal, Canada saw it walking on the street. He couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the extremely big and muscular cat and since he created a Twitter account abou the cat, he has collected more than 21 thousand followers. Naturally, memes staring appearing online, since the buff cat was being retweeted and shared thousands of times.

The Buff cat seen on the streets of Montreal for the first time.

Twitter | officialbuffcat

Twitter users shared their concerns about the cat’s possible health issues.

Twitter | officialbuffcat

Others said that there is a certain genetic disorder that makes cattle become ‘double muscled’.

Twitter | officialbuffcat

Everyone hopes that the buff cat will be healthy and will live for many many years.

Twitter | officialbuffcat

Funny memes started appearing all over Twitter.

Twitter | send_lwyds

Why Hollywood hasn’t thought of such a concept just yet?

Twitter | dietrichbrah

Let’s all pray that such a comedy with make its appearance some day.

Twitter | dietrichbrah


Twitter | gammaraytv

Nobody knows if the cat has an owner or if it is a stray, but the person who first found it on the streets is going to go look for it again and let’s just hope that if it doesn’t have a home, it will get one soon.

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