Creative Objects Made From Recycled Metal Drums


There is a large number of people that stand by the idea that we should never throw away anything that can be used again. Just because a certain object gets old and loses its shine, it doesn’t mean that you should throw it away. Throwing something away may mean that you also throw your money with it. When we talk about metal drums, the solutions you have in reusing them may not be obvious, but once you see a few ideas you may feel like your patio and even your living room, could be benefited by them.

Patio furniture


Here’s a material that you won’t have to worry about living out in the rain.

Drum chandelier


An unconventional and creative chandelier that incidentally does not attract much attention if your wish is to create a quiet and not too ‘noisy’ interior design.

Garage armchairs

Pinterest | Annie Brogden

If you got stuck with two huge metal drums and you just don’t know what to do with them, you can simply cut them and turn them into stylish armchairs for your garage.

Office storage space


Wood has become so basic and quite boring, which means that alternative material for building storage space is a very interesting and innovative idea.

Smart coffee tables

Pinterest | Godzilla

Just look how creative these coffee tables are!

An outdoor sink

Pinterest | khaidarych

Either you want it to have Jack Daniel’s theme or Coca Cola’s or Absolute’s, the point is that you can turn a metal drum into a sink.

Another set of furniture


What do you think of this one?

A fully-functioning desk

Pinterest | Eric Argo

Not only it is durable, but it also has all the needed space that is required for you to put your books and objects.

Metal drums like every other old and unused object can be turned into beautiful creations if you just use your imagination and put your hands to work.


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