Curvy Model Tries on the Same Swimwear as Victoria Secret Models and the Results Are Incredible

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If you’ve ever watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, you’ve noticed for sure how thin and fat-free the models are. The entire fashion industry used girls who don’t have any extra meat under their skin and curvy models work only for specific brands that promote body equality. Tabria Majors is a professional model, who currently lives in LA. She decided to try on some of Victoria Secret’s swimwear to see whether she would look as fabulous as the models in the catalog. It might be my eyes only, but she looks a lot better and promotes a healthy image as well.

This is Tabria Majors, a model who lives in LA

Tabria is proud of her body and won’t be apologetic of her weight.

Instagram | tabriamajors

Jasmine Tookes holds nothing on her

The goal was to show that women of all sizes can wear the same swimwear as Victoria Secret models.

Instagram | tabriamajors

It’s not just thin women who have the right to be and look sexy

If being sexy is connected to being thin, then there are many things that you have to reconsider.

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Radiance comes from your soul and not your thin and ripped body

They are both beautiful in their own, unique way!

Instagram | tabriamajors

Tabria has also participated in a Broadway production

Her career has only skyrocketed since she started posing as a professional model.

Instagram | tabriamajors

She was chosen to participate in the Sports Illustrated 2018 Summer Issue

She was in the 6 finalists, chosen from a total of 5,000 applicants.

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A curvy model like her has never appeared in Sports Illustrated before

She feels lucky and humbled by this experience and she will try her best to make women in her size range proud.

Instagram | tabriamajors

In case you were wondering, there is a reason why models have always been presented so thin and ripped

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Bravo to these women who embrace themselves and bravo to these fashion big heads who decide to change the scene a little bit and let women with a few more curves enter the game and change the rules.

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