Dangerous and Deadly Animals That Can Be Found at the Beaches of Thailand

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Thailand is a very popular travel destination in the world, with its magnificent cuisine and blue-water beaches attracting people. As tempting as it seems to dive into the crystal clear ocean in Thailand, the water and the land hides many potential dangers that might strike you if you are not careful enough. This is not the type of vacation that you choose to be reckless and say YOLO too much, because many things can happen. For example, a venomous and deadly animals might bite or sting you and have you paralyzed or even killed.


1. Spitting cobra

These creatures can be found in Africa and Asia and they have the ability to shoot venom from tiny holes in their head. They have amazing accuracy and they aim for their eyes in order to cause blindness to their enemies. You can to be 2.5 meters (8 feet) close in order for their venom to get you.


2. Monocled cobra

A monocled cobra is more dangerous than a king cobra, since it can strike very fast and its venom is so powerful that it can cause heart attack and respiratory failure. It has the highest human fatality rate in Thailand.


3. Box jellyfish

These jellyfish have around 15 tentacles, up to 3 meters (10 feet) each and they kill approximately 40 people yearly in Philippines. Many people who have been stung by them drowned before making it out on the beach due to heart complications.


4. Russell’s viper

These snakes are so fast that they can strike even if they are several meters away. Their venom acts so fast, causing renal failure, paralysis and bleeding. Even those who survive have kidney issues for the rest of their lives.


5. Titan triggerfish

These fish are famous for attacking swimmers when they feel in danger. They usually stare their victim before striking them. Their teeth can pierce wetsuits and there are many cases where they cut off people’s ears. They often headbutt divers and completely knock them out.


6. Scorpionfish

These fish are often caught by fishermen and eaten by people, but if you get stung by it you will feel numbness, swelling and bleeding and if you don’t get medical attention you might experience seizures, vomiting and breathing difficulties. They live outside the water for 24 hours, so don’t approach one if you see it lying on the beach.


7. Banded krait

These snakes’ venom can paralyze the nervous system, cause asphyxiation or other organ failure. People usually die hours after being attacked. However, this snake won’t attack you if you don’t provoke it. It can easily be avoided if you treat it kindly.


8. Red lionfish


The red lionfish has 18 dorsal fins, which all include venom. It is not strong enough to kill a healthy human, but its venom will cause pain and nausea. Those who swim next to the coral reefs and rocks are those who get stung more often by the lionfish.


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