Design Ideas for the French Bistro of Your Dreams


Let’s agree unanimously on one thing: a French bistro is the best place to spend your time either you are having your morning coffee or your sunday brunch or your evening coffee along with a delicious dessert. The reason why this is happening is because of the unique style and design that bistros have and manage to magnetize and captivate their customers, casting a spell on them and not letting them go anywhere else for their everyday coffee.

1. Vintage artwork hanging from the walls is one very important element that creates warmth and sends the customer back in time.

Pinterest | Nina Cathrine Karlsen

2. A black and white color combination is a very common choice upon french bistros and it works perfectly every time.

Pinterest | SR Max

3. Marble coffee table surfaces have a certain power and the sense of an upscale atmosphere that make bistros so attractive.

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4. Modern couches may not scream ‘french bistro’, but they are a nice touch if you are looking for a combination of traditional and modern.

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