Design Ideas for the French Bistro of Your Dreams

9. It is important for your bistro to show its vintage style from just looking at its window and sitting on the exterior chairs.

Pinterest | mili niño

10. Don’t forget about the chalkboards! The more you put with the menu and each day’s specials the better for your atmosphere!

Pinterest | Nataliia Remezovska

11. A bright color for the kitchen cabinets and subway tiles are probably the best combination for the kitchen.

Pinterest | Megan Douglas

12. There is nothing more welcoming and warming than a bistro showcasing candy and other desserts!

Pinterest | Sarah Westlake

It is magnificent how any space with a few specific adjustments can be completely transformed and remind nothing of what it previously was. Why not turning your own house, including the kitchen and living area, into a french bistro inspired place?

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