Designer Created a Nature-Inspired Table Using 12 Different Types of Wood

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Creativity and the ability to envision and create something unique that nobody has ever done before aren’t traits that can be taught in school or college. This is exactly what Russian artist Alexey Steshak believes and through his work he proves that when someone truly wants something and believes in it, he can do it better than anyone else. Alexey has been combining materials in his work for years now and he has been heavily inspired by the Altai Republic’s natural materials. He uses as many materials as he can find and creates mosaics that resemble no other in the entire world.


The unfinished table

For this table he used wind fallen trees, some cut trees left after the fruit orchards thinning and some trees were just brought by his friends. He has personally handled and prepared all the wood for his project.


Types of wood he used

He used oak, Manchurian walnut, apricot tree, apple tree, pear tree, ash, karagach, birch, ash-tree maple, cherry tree, American walnut, larch, rowan and mahogany.


His tools

To complete his project he used a miter saw, a grinder, a very sharp knife for trimming, carpenter’s glue, putty and matte varnish.


Starting to get the final form


Combination of various materials

He often combines wood, metal, plaster and ceramic in order to create one design. He recently created an entire floor combining all these materials.


He takes orders for interior designs

His only condition for taking an order for an interior design is that he has absolute creative freedom. He can’t create amazing projects if he is being told what to do.


His studio

He doesn’t have a studio like most artists. His studio is the site where he works and his tools are his hands. This means that he has no problem moving his studio and his tools all around the world.


The finished result


Alexey is a wonderful artist, who needs artistic freedom in order to create. If you want to see more projects of his, you can visit his website or follow him on Instagram.


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