Designer Creates the Most Elegant Animal Furniture in Amazing Colors

Instagram | maximorierastudio

Maximo Riera is a Spanish designer, who first became internet famous when his creation of Rhino Chair started ‘traveling’ around the web in 2011. The artist decided to pay homage to animals, who have existed on the planet way before humans arrived. His goal is to bring the world closer to the animal kingdom, to which people were losing empathy with. Maximo’s chairs are a combination of minimalism and baroque, with every chair having a very comfortable seating and the design of the animal that it is dedicated to.


Each chair is made of polyurethane and an internal metal frame.

Instagram | maximorierastudio


Each chair is handcrafted and it takes about 500 hours to complete.

Instagram | maximorierastudio


For more accuracy in the designs, Maximo and his team use 3D modeling software and modern engineering techniques.

Instagram | maximorierastudio


The color of each chair is unique, since they are being painted using a unique color code.



It is obvious that Maximo’s chairs concentrate on endangered species, which seem to be the less appreciated creatures of our planet.



Maximo believes that it is very important for this project that the chairs are 100% life-like and accurate to the original species.

Instagram | maximorierastudio


The artist’s favorite piece is the octopus chair, since he had to overcome a lot of problems and challenges in order to create it.

Instagram | maximorierastudio


Instagram | maximorierastudio

Maximo Riera’s work can viewed either on his website or his Instagram account, which features the pictures of his animal chairs in various natural locations, giving them an even more real approach.

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