Designer Uses His Imagination to Create Highly Bizarre Objects


Benjamin Nordsmark is a furniture maker and artist, who is currently based in Denmark. He has studied to be a Cabinetmaker and also has a Masters of Fine Arts, two directions that he had decided to take from the age of 14. His art includes sculptural furniture that is produced only in limited editions and other objects that are quite bizarre. His vision is to change the way people thought of certain things and make them make new conceptions. In doing that, he tries to see everyday objects from a different perspective and create sculptures of them based on what his mind imagines they would look like.



One of his latest works, that created a buzz in the art and design world.



What Benjamin did was to replace the usual wheel of a bike with a chainsaw.



Automatically, he transformed what traditionally is meant for kids into a death trap.



The ‘bike’ is 100% realistic to the image of a chainsaw.



This chair with human female legs in another piece of his surreal furniture.



A table that is an exact replica of a labyrinth.



Going back in time with a watch that has a bicycle’s ring on it.



Benjamin’s work is highly enjoyable, but due to its limited occurrence only a few people will ever be able to own one of his creations. If you want to view the rest of his pieces, you can visit his website.

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