Details About the Manson Family Murders That Only a Few People Are Aware Of


We’ve all heard the name Charles Manson and the horrifying information that it comes with. He was the leader of a cult and the so-called Helter Skelter orchestrated the murders of innocent people along with his cult’s members. He did not participate in all of the murders, but he was the one that always gave the orders. Now that he is dead, people find a new opportunity to open the discussion about him once again and dig deeper into the life and action of this evil man. There are also many people who are mourning the death of this ‘great leader’ based on their sayings. We will never know some of the most gruesome details of the Manso family’s crimes or their inner thoughts about them, but we will never stop speculating and guessing about them.


Roman Polanski, who was married to Sharon Tate at the moment of her murdering, was away on business and if he was at home he would probably have been one of the victims.


He was really lucky, don’t you think?

When the Manson family was arrested, they were not instantly charged with the murders of the Tate residence, but for theft auto.


At least the police quickly caught up with their crimes!


It was Susan Atkins who revealed that the family did the murders to a fellow inmate, stating that ”we wanted to do a crime that would shock the world”.


If that’s not completely insane, then I don’t know what is.

All members of the family were given the death penalty and drew an ‘X’ mark on their forehead, which meant that they were crossed out of society. 


They later made the ‘X’ look like a swastika.


Charles Manson was first convicted of a crime at the age of 13 and by the time he was 32 he had already spent a total of 17 years in prison.


Well, that must have been an… unusual life.

His mother was an alcoholic, who once tried to sell him to a waitress in exchange for a pitcher of beer and was also put to jail for five years after robbing a gas station.


I don’t want to sound like an old lady, but with such a childhood, the chances of leading a problematic life as an adult, increase dramatically.


When Charles Manson’s music was rejected by producer Terry Melcher, he ordered his followers to visit his residence and do the famous murders. 


What he didn’t know is that the house was recently purchased by Tate and Polanski.


While in trial, one of the lawyers of Manson and his followers disappeared and found dead three months later, but no one was charged with the murder.


Even though the Manson family members were given the death penalty, the order was never executed, since in 1972 the Californian Supreme Court abolished the death penalty, which commuted their death penalty to life imprisonment.

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