Disney Princesses Reimagined as Black Girls in Powerful Portraits


LaChanda Gatson and CreativeSoul Photography collaborate in order to reimagine our beloved Disney princesses as young black girls. The project is called Princess series and it shows how every girl in the world can see her girl as a princess. In the light of the growing Black Lives Matter movement, collaborations like this one, are especially important, since it highlights the consisten lack of representation of black children in media. Every kid needs to see characters they can relate to.

“Princess Rose Quartz,” inspired by Princess Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty”

“Princess Onyx,” inspired by Pocahontas

“Princess Emerald,” inspired by Tiana from “The Princess and the Frog”

“Princess Garnet,” inspired by Snow White

“Princess Jade,” inspired by Cinderella

Disney Princesses Reimagined

“Princess Moonstone,” inspired by Elsa from “Frozen”

“Princess Diamond,” inspired by Anna from “Frozen”

“Princess Obsidian,” inspired by Shuri from “Black Panther”