DIY Crafts That Didn’t Go As Planned


Occupying yourself and your free time with arts and crafts is a very nice and positive thing to do. Either you are a master or a beginner, this type of activity keeps your brain working and you get to create something that will be used later in your own house. Sometimes, people think that they can manage with a certain project, but things don’t go quite as planned. Maybe they give themselves more than they can chew or they feel that they are too cool to follow the tutorial and end up doing it all by themselves even though they have no idea how to do the craft.


1. Orange disaster


In the first case, you just light the candle and sit and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. In the second, you simply call the fire department.

2. Egg massacre


You should have known that eggs are the toughest material to work on.


3. Knitted hat

ravelry | Instagram | annymalla

I guess he is not going to feel that warm wearing this hat.

4. You can throw it away now


Oh no!


5. Not the bowl to put popcorn in


Too bad…

6. It looks like the little bird hanged itself


Well, that’s unfortunate…


7. Come on now, this was so easy

Instagram | thepiesnaps

Even I can do that!

8. No one told you to use condoms

yankodesign | pinterestfail

This is what you get when you are too rebelious to follow the basic steps and you start doing things on your own. Disasters like the above will teach you always follow the rules when it comes to arts and crafts.


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