DIY Projects to Keep Your Kid Occupied and in a Creative State of Mind


Kids nowadays have lost touch with creativity and using their hands to create something beautiful. Parents will either give them an iPad to spend their entire day playing games or keep the TV open all day or simply buy them whatever they ask for. While nothing out of these three things are bad on its own, it can turn out horrible for your kid if not done in moderation. So, instead of keeping your kid hypnotized in front of a screen, you can find some time and make a diy project that will keep your kid occupied and bring you two closer. Not only that, but your kid will also have something that they have created on their own and will feel very proud of.

1. Dumbo face masks


Dumbo may be part of older generations, but there is no reason why kids nowadays can’t take pleasure from him. Watch the tutorial here.

2. The 7 dwarfs made of tissue tubes


The 7 dwarfs will always be kids’ favorite and you can teach them to make their own by using tissue tubes. Watch the tutorial here.

3. Mickey Mouse button paper clips


Your kid will need paper clips for school, so why not help them decorate them so that school can be more fun? Watch the tutorial here.

4. Pirate telescope


If your kid is a fan of Captain Hook, you can help them make this diy telescope so that game time becomes way more fun. Watch the tutorial here.

5. Elsa (Frozen) tiara


Frozen has been and will be a hit amongst young girls, which means that any craft considering the universe of the movie will be happily accepted by your kid. Watch the tutorial here.

6. Disney water bottles


Water bottles are something that all kids take with them at school, but not all of them have the opportunity to get the Disney logo monogrammed on it. Watch the tutorial here.

7. Mickey and Minnie ears


This is a wonderful craft not only for your kid’s Halloween costume, but also for children and school parties. Watch the tutorial here.

8. Chalkboard milk bottles


Not every kid loves drinking plain milk and bringing it to them in this Disney glass bottle can make it easier for them to drink it. Watch the tutorial here.

If I could give you a simple advice, I would tell you to take your kid away from the TV and give them more time to discover their creative side and how they can rely on their abilities to make things and not go out and buy everything they ever need.


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