Dogs Who Can’t Control Their Running Tongues

YouTube | Marnie The Dog

If you have a dog, you must have noticed that when they are on the move for a long time or you take them on a long walk, their tongue is out of control when they finally sit down. We can’t really blame them, since their tongue is extremelly big for them to control and especially after they’ve run for miles. Their nose is too small and they have to use their mouth too in order to breathe and their tongue stands obviously in the way. But this doesn’t change the fact that our dogs entertain us even when that’s not their purpose.



Instagram | restingtongueface

He’s just trying to look cuter!


Instagram | tiituu0_0

Catch it or you’ll lose it!



Instagram | bruce_adventures_

Anxious to see what’s next.


Instagram | maryannamals

Your eyes steal the entire show.



Instagram |

It is out of control.


Instagram | royalrnorman

It probably doesn’t fit in its small mouth.




He is too happy to even try and control his tongue.


Instagram | boscothebordercollie

Staring at the future with hope.



Pinterest | Heather Parker

Now, that’s very alarming.



Are you mocking me?


Pinterest | Cammie Payne

I just fell in love!



That’s how you make yourself irresistible.

How can you say ‘no’ or be strict towards a dog who looks at you with big, happy eyes and a tongue that indicates how happy they are? You just can’t.

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