Edible Creations That You Will Feel Guilty to Eat


Have you seen these lattes, where artists/baristas paint an entire famous painting on top of the foam? Imagine how hard it would be to destroy this latte by drinking it. Sometimes, when I make a great dish at home, I feel very sad when it’s gone since I very proud of it. There are certain food creations that take so much time and so much effort that the artist behind them might not be able or willing to do it again. If you knew that, how easily would you make the decision to consume the specific creation rather than keep it until it starts growing mold?


1. Colorful Smoothie Bowls


We’ve mentioned quite a few times the name Rachel Lorton and her exquisite edible smoothie bowls that make your eyes open wider.

2. Galaxy Donuts


For this one I would have absolutely no reservation to eat it, since it can be made again and again until the end of time.


3. Avocado Art


Colette Dike is a food blogger, who created Food Deco and experiments on treating food like a piece of marble or wood. Avocados in particular are one of her most favorite things to eat and work on.

4. Decorative Art Cookies


Which monster could actually put their teeth on these cookies and feel good about it?


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