Elderly Man Learns How to Do His Wife’s Makeup Before She Goes Blind

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When two people get married in a Cathilic Church, the Priest says clearly the words ”in sickness and in health” and after he finishes the two partners say ‘I do’. The problem is that in most cases the couple doesn’t really grasp the full concept of these words and when the sickness or the bad events come, they aren’t willing to solve them or face them together. This is not the case for Mona and Des, who were given a bad announcement regarding Jean’s eyesight. The doctor said that she would go blind in a few months. So, Brian decided to take on makeup lessons so that he learns to do Jean’s makeup fo when she won’t be able to do it herself.

The sweet case is coming from the makeup artist who gave the lessons to Des (aka Brian)

Twitter | itsscottsummers

The story you are about to read, is really heartwarming.

Everyone reacted with an ‘aww’ when they heard about the story


I did too!

The story has gotten more than 72,000 retweets


And, honestly, I believe it’s worth even more.

The couple even appeared on the Late Late Show with their real names, Des and Mona


They talked about all of their struggles.

They have been married for 56 years


That’s true love people!

Des is very devoted to his job and learning how to do his wife’s makeup


He has actually become very good at this.

The couple from Glascow is learning to embrace the new reality


The story really is so touching.

And people around the internet just can’t hold their tears


Romance and love is not something that can be tought. A couple that reaches this age and still loves and cares about one another this much proves that love lasts forever and soul mates do exist.

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