Employees Reveal Which Dishes from Famous Chain Restaurants We Should Never Eat


Eating at a fast food chain restaurant can sometimes turn into a round of Russian Roulette, which can end up with you at the hospital eating soup for the rest of the week. You don’t expect high quality from a fast food restaurant, but you also can’t imagine why they would serve you rotten or highly dangerous food. So, instead of wondering whether you’ll get sick or not, you should follow the advice of the employees of some of the most famous fast food restaurants of what you should never order.


1. Applebee’s.


Bourbon Street steak at Applebee’s is not exactly a steak and it doesn’t consist of 100% meat, so you better stay away from it.

2. Every chain restaurant


If they won’t bring you a closed bottle of tea, do not order a glass of it. It doesn’t matter the place. Everywhere’s the same.


3. Every fast food restaurant


A formed fast food restaurant employee says that they ice machines never get cleaned and mold builds up in them, so maybe you should avoid adding ice into your refreshment.

4. T.G.I Friday’s


Anything vegetarian from T.G.I Friday’s isn’t actually vegetarian, since they all have a meat base and they are frozen and microwaved before arriving at your plate.


5. Cheesecake Factory


Apple crisp at the Cheesecake Factory is the only dish that is brought to you after heated in a microwave, so you should stick to some other delicious dish.

6. Panda Express


Panda Express is a quite sanitary place, but the mixed veggies plate is the complete opposite of sanitary, since they even use molded vegetables.


7. Pinkberry’s


Raspberries at Pinkberry’s often arrive at the store with dead bees inside or even mold, so choose a different topping for your fro-yo.

8. Subway


Tuna sandwich from Subway is made from cans of tune squeezed from the liquid and mixed with about a gallon of mayonnaise.

Former employees have also advised against ordering hot tea from any restaurant, since bacteria lives in it. Also, nachos from Denny’s should be a hard no from customers.


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