Everything You Need to Know About Travelling in the Desert


The two most scary places for any human being to go to are the desert and the jungle. They are completely different from one another and the dangers they can introduce can be deadly. The desert may not have countless of dangerous animals and insects, but it bares its own dangers that you should always keep in mind. In the desert you have to carry with you all the essential things, since you don’t need to find yourself missing something that will save your life.

1. The shoes you are going to wear are very important. Avoid closed shoes and opt for open shoes, either sandals or flip flops.


2. The extreme heat in the desert with dehydrate your face, so you better pack some facial mist. 


3. Carrying your water in a plastic bottle would be a disaster. A thermos is the best idea!


4. Packing a thin blanket with you won’t be a bad idea for the cold nights. 


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