Everything You Should Know About Traveling to Italy


Italy along with Greece are the two most happy places to visit in Europe, due to a variety of factors. The weather is mild during the winter and very hot in the summer. Italy is one of the best places on earth to have a perfect meal, while sitting next to the sea. Besides the hidden places that you must know before you visit the country, there are a few other information that you may not know. For example, in Italy people don’t eat dinner before 7:30 and they could be sitting down for their night meal even at 11pm, especially during the summer months when the weather is too hot and the sun sets at approximately 9 o’clock.


1. Restaurants have a cover charge


Every restaurant will bring you water and bread without ordering it. This is not because they want to charge you more, but because this is how they prefer eating and serving their customers. This means that you should expect some extra charges per person that are perfectly justified.

2. The rules regarding ordering coffee


Italians prefer drinking cappuccinos and lattes in the morning and not at night, since the milk falls heavy on their stomachs. When ordering an espresso, avoid using the word ‘espresso’. Just order a coffee. Also, refrain from ordering double coffees, since Italians love drinking a lot of coffee but in small dozes.


3. You will be asked to pay to use a public lavatory


Public restrooms in Italy are usually very clean with plenty of toilet paper and soap, which means that if you want to enjoy this cleanliness, you will have to pay up to 2 euros.

4. Restaurants won’t give you your leftovers


Italians are very passionate about the quality of their food and they believe that cold or re-heated food won’t be as good as the fresh plate. This is why they won’t give you a baggie to put in your leftovers.


5. People talk loudly for absolutely no reason


In most countries in the world, people try to not to speak loudly, since they don’t want to bother those around them or be noticed. In Italy people will talk loudly and that won’t mean that they are angry or having a fight. It’s just the way they talk.

6. Restaurants don’t open for dinner before 7pm


If you eat dinner at 5pm or 6pm, you should probably have something smaller to eat earlier, so that you can enjoy your full meal at 8pm or 9pm. Italians don’t serve dinner before that and many places that are open before 7pm, won’t serve large portions.


7. Tabaccherias have so much more to offer than just tobacco


A shop that sells only tobacco doesn’t get as busy as a shop that also sells gum, phone cards, bus tickets and even stamps. The more products they sell, the more customers they will attract.

8. Many shops close from 2 to 5 in the afternoon


Most shops stay open until 9pm, but they have a short break from 2 to 5, so that the owners can go back home, have their lunch and a small nap.

Things in Italy move slower and less stressfully. People enjoy their lives no matter how many problems they have simply due to the nice weather, which uplifts them no matter what.


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