Experience the Raw Wilderness of Kangaroo Island in Australia


Many many thousands of years ago, Kangaroo island (common known as Australia) used to be attached to the land, but with the rise of the sea level, it became an island. The native population that inhabitated the land abandoned it when it became an island and many centuries later, in 1802, it was named Kangaroo Island due to the increasing number of kangaroos. The island is now populated by almost 5,000 people, who mainly live on agriculture.

Kangaroo island was the land of the Aboriginal peopl 10,000 years ago, who abandoned it when it became an island.


Many ships have been wrecked on the island’s coast, since there was no lighthouse until after 1930.


Sheep grazing has always been the main source of income, but lately potato and canola crops have been introduced to the population.


The island has 30 wine growers and 12 wineries. The first vineyard was planted near Eastern Cove in 1976.


Honey is also produced by Ligurian honey bees. The island has the world’s only pure-bred and disease-free population of this type of bee.


The island attracts many tourists mainly from Australia and Europe with an estimated amount of 140,000 visitors per year.


The north coast is perfect for swimming. The south coast has strong undertows, which makes it harder and more dangerous for people to swim.


For transportation people mainly use the two ferry lines that are in operation. A sea aircraft was was used for two years from 2007-2009.


Life must be so simple and so calm in a society like the one in Kangaroo island. There is no traffic and ongoing city noises that mess with your peace and the view that you have everyday you wake up is as valuable as a 40 carat diamond.

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