Extraordinary Grandfather Clocks That Can Completely Alter Any Interior


Grandfather clocks are the most classy and elegant kind of clocks that anybody could own. A clock like this creates a different atmosphere in any given interior and it transmits a feeling of respect towards the space by anyone who enters it. While there are many contemporary designs, the antiques are those that gather people’s attention. However, there are some modern designs that manage to bring something new to the area and not seem pretentious.


A tied-like-a-bow clock, created by illusion artist Alex Chinneck.


A playful design that doesn’t miss to impress.


A hand-carved antique clock that is highly commendable.


A contemporary clock made entirely of cement.

Pinterest | Just For Clocks

A piece of art that is invaluable in the world or art and clocks.

Pinterest | Lennie Cantrell

A more modern design with a retro approach and bright blue color.

Pinterest | Ashley Bowers Nails

A classic piece that could be put in pretty much any interior and still fit perfectly.

Pinterest | Ruth Lakey

This piece has some art nouveau elements

Pinterest | Alex Schlientz

Everyone expects to see a wall clock in every house they step their foot in, but only a few people are ready to witness a truly spectacular grandfather clock dominating an interior space. Which one will you choose to do for your interior?


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