Face Swaps That Are Horrifying Instead of Funny


When face swaps were a trend, everyone used to try them on their phones with their best friends, their mothers, fathers and pretty much anyone who would happen to be near them. The goal in these cases were to see how funny they would look if they changed faces, but not every case is the same. Sometimes face swaps are more terrifying that funny and these examples shown below indicate that strongly.

A large doll and her little girl.

Twitter | arturoledezma

A girl and a horse.

Twitter | BestFaceSwaps

A little dad and his huge son.


Giant cookies holding their humans.


Anne Hathaway makes a pretty good Jake Gyllenhaal.


He must love his dog a lot.


I feel like he would be okay with something like this.


That’s nightmare material people!


Face swaps are enjoyable because nobody can predict how the application will receive the given information and react accordingly. That’s why you should expect pretty much anything.

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