Famous Celebrities Without Photoshop!


Once again we come across the existence of photoshop. Last time we criticized the editors for cutting out too much and overdoing it in photoshopping images. This occasion is not much different. Let’s see 8 examples that prove that women are always being corrected.

1. Bethenny Frankel

Agree: Smoothing the lines and the light

Disagree: Making her butt smaller and her body smooth as a baby’s.

2. Beyonce

Agree: Correct the lighting (it was already bad in the original photo).

Disagree: Her face is flawless as it is. You don’t need to erase every pore


3. Britney Spears

Agree: Remove the cellulite

Disagree: Do not make the thighs smaller

4. Jennifer Aniston

Agree: Throwing some light on her face, since she has her back to the sun.

Disagree: Almost 50 and wrinkle free? She is not Benjamin Button…


5. Julianne Moore

Agree: Maybe the most decent picture of this article. The lighting is corrected and the aging lines are still there, as they should be

Disagree: Maybe they could have retained the freckles

6. Kate Moss

Agree: Smoothing the lines and the texture of the skin.

Disagree: The overdoing of the above.


7. Kim Kardashian

Agree: Make the skin smoother.

Disagree: Do not make her thinner.

8. Madonna

Agree: Smoothing her age lines and wrinkles

Disagree: It’s like you transferred her 20 years ago. We are not that stupid!


Why erase a woman’s wrinkle’s, freckles and tiny imperfections altogether? Make her face a little smoother, but don’t create an image that is not there. This is a lie and a mockery. And in this world we desperately need the truth.